We provide HR recruitment and HR management consulting services as a partner for companies undergoing dynamic growth, restructuring and other change processes.

The Nuvadis Talents team combines expertise in the area of recruitment, HR consulting and business management. Our long-standing clients appreciate us mainly for the highly professional approach, our comprehensive range of services as well as experience, innovation and flexibility.


Nuvadis Talents uses well verified tools and sources to acquire top talents. It provides an array of services for building a strong team of specialists and mid-level management staff. Executive recruitment is provided by our sister company Accord Group.

Our recruitment management services are intended for businesses:

  • undergoing dynamic growth
  • in the middle of change processes and new investments
  • seeking staff expansion or replacement
  • with vacancies in highly specialist jobs
Our sectors


These services are intended for supporting clients from the general retail segment. Our team handles sales and marketing projects for large retail chains. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the Polish market and the continuously growing talent pool, we are able to successfully implement projects for the top international brands and the most dynamic Polish companies.


Professionalism of specialists in the finance sector drives not only the condition and development of a given financial institution, but also that of other companies, organisations and individuals who entrusted the institution with their capital. Professional talent and staff development are the key success factors for banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses and investment fund associations.


Talent recruitment for pharmaceutical and medical companies requires very specialist knowledge and comprehensive skills. Our clients include top manufacturers and distributors who implemented our talent in their medical, sales and marketing departments.


Our consultants are highly experienced in work with the biggest players of the manufacturing sector and continue to expand their network. We help during planning and implementation stages of recruitment projects in construction, civil engineering and oil sectors, whether the given vacancy is a specialist job, an expert or a manager.


Nuvadis Talents performs top-specialist recruitment processes in the area of new media, advertising, etc. We seek and find experts and managers for our clients and their project, sales, marketing and PR departments as well as their editor teams.


We have been active in the IT sector throughout its growth and expansion, while acquiring our expert knowledge and unique experience in the field. Today, we are able to deal with any issues of the IT world and conduct effective recruitment processes for specialist and managerial jobs.


Our dedicated team recruits talent for specialist jobs, expert vacancies and mid/high-level management positions in the area of engineering, production management, quality assurance, supply chain, occupational/environmental H & S, maintenance, and process / project / product development management.


Nuvadis Talents actively supports clients in the automotive sector in seeking and finding top-class specialists and managers. We have been monitoring the automotive industry for many years and are able to effectively address the recruitment needs of our clients.

HR diagnostics and competence development

Leadership development

Leadership development is a journey that starts with the potential of an individual and ends with the excellence of the entire organisation.

Leaders grow through a never-ending process of self-reflection, awareness building and managing their own potential. They also nurture relationships, ensure interpersonal excellence, manage and motivate teams, and drive the high performance culture in the organisation to ensure that business expectations are exceeded.

Organisations face two key issues in the process of seeking, finding and developing leaders: identification of the right candidates for existing and future leadership roles and implementation of a comprehensive leadership programme to nurture and grow leaders of the future.

HR consulting and audits

HR consulting is aimed at clients who need support in:

  • recruitment
  • training and coaching
  • staff motivation and engagement
  • evaluation of talent capacity to fulfil new roles

HR audit is the dedicated tool for mapping such HR processes.

HR auditing involves third-party unbiased analysis of various processes, procedures and indicators in HR management and the entire business to evaluate the current HR status of the organisation. Such analysis can be focused on a single department or the organisation as a whole.

Based on audit results, we develop a report specifying the diagnosed status, risk areas and recommended changes. The HR audit is the perfect starting point for preparing a comprehensive change programme including talent development and training. The tool is highly useful on the level of an individual employee as well as the entire organisation.

Assessment/Development Center

Assessment/Development Center is a method of evaluating competences in respective business units or teams, identifying their growth requirements and career paths in the context of corporate objectives and strategy. The assessment can be selective (AC) or developmental (DC).

Assessment/Development Center sessions usually last one day and can be conducted for individuals or groups. Participants are observed by certified assessors who evaluate their competences, behaviours and task performance.

Depending on assessed competences, the Assessment/Development Center involves other tools as well:

  • group exercise
  • individual exercises
  • role playing
  • analyse & present
  • competence interview
  • case study
  • group discussion
  • psychometric tests

The Assessment/Development Center methods allow to evaluate of a candidate or an employee without bias, and determine the individual/group potential for drafting custom programmes and career paths.


Our psychometric tools are selected based on the expectations of our clients and the solution we tailor to their needs.

Standard tools include:


A business-oriented tool for professional personality evaluation. It is based on the Big Five model and allows to measure such aspects as will, energy, affection, control and emotionality. This tool helps us understand why and how people differ in their behaviours, attitudes, motivations and aspirations.


A simple process for diagnosing four types of personal energy based on the assumption that everybody has aspects of all four of them, but only one is dominant. The tool allows us to understand the personality of an individual. It is used in a range of business scenarios when developing a custom solution. The usual situations for Insights Discovery include: recruitment process optimisation, team building and development, personal performance improvement, internal communication/cooperation enhancement, career path planning.


MBTI is a model based on Carl Jung’s theory of 16 types of human personality. In the case of managerial jobs, MBTI provides excellent source of knowledge in the field of staff management. The MBTI types of the personality are useful when trying to understand interpersonal relations, solve problems, build work teams, manage personnel and handle internal/external communication. It is crucial to know the preferred communication methods of people when negative notices need to be communicated or when providing feedback to employees on their work and performance.

360° review

This is a structured test carried out by means of a survey or a personal interview. It examines how an employee is perceived in work, how they function, and interact with their environment.

The 360° review allows for a comparison of the self-evaluation of an employee with evaluations by at least three other sources (subordinates, superiors, colleagues). The results provide a great opportunity for the evaluated person to improve his/her performance, thanks to enhanced awareness of the external assessment of own competences. The 360° review helps identify key competences for further improvement – an important enabler of good training programmes and better matching between development and requirements for even more effective use of the training budget.

Coaching & Mentoring

Success is about the maximum utilization of the ability you have.

– Zig Ziglar

Today, coaching is considered the most satisfying and effective process allowing to match living a full life with high business performance. It is a structured development of a relationship that is based mainly on questions. The coach supports the client in discovering their potential to achieve goals using their own resources.

Nuvadis Talents provides Executive coaching and Managerial coaching. Both types of the coaching are dedicated to managers and executives, the main goal to provide them with the right perspective for strategic thinking / planning / acting, as well as conscious management of organisations and teams.


Business coaching is dedicated to managers of various levels and supports the focused development of business skills, management process optimisation and achieving business goals and results. The focused approach allows for enhancing overall business performance, including profitability of specific tasks.


Group coaching is an effective support tool for management/project teams, enabling them to improve the effectiveness of their actions.

Mentoring is based on a relationship between a MENTOR who is a source of experience (usually a person from inside an organisation) and MENTEE who has the opportunity to benefit from such experience. The mentor assists the mentee by inspiring and stimulating them as well as supervising their actions to inspire self-reflection and awareness as the basis of further growth and achievement. Nuvadis Talents provides:

  • mentoring sessions
  • building and development of mentoring teams within client structures


What brought effects in the past will not do in the future.

– L. Clark

When creating custom training/development programmes for our clients, we emphasise accurate and systemic diagnosis of the status quo as well as flexible response to specific needs. Ensuring the continuous development in the professional environment is also a key aspect.

We offer training solutions that support customers at various stages of competence growth.

  • employee induction training
  • intervention training intended to improve the existing situation
  • scheduled development training aimed at competences crucial for the organisation

Our training programmes address the individual needs of our clients and are based on the model of learning by practice and experience, followed up by practical implementation of the new skills in the actual work environment. This approach is reflected in our choice of training methods intended to keep the participant fully involved in case studies, simulations, role plays, video sessions and brain-storming sessions.

Individual and group outplacement

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

– Laozi

Making the first step in a process of change can be a challenging task for an outplaced employee wishing to find a new job.

Based on our knowledge and experience we help the employee to take action to improve their chance of finding a new job. Right from the very first step… In the case of the group outplacement, the first step usually is to convince employees to join the programme. In individual outplacement, the first step is to introduce the employee to the change management process.

Group outplacement

Group outplacement is dedicated to organisations which need to lay off groups of employees. The process is customised to the expectations of the client and usually involves creating a career and support centre for employees within the organisation, where our consultants conduct workshops and individual interviews.

Individual outplacement

Individual outplacement is dedicated to managers and high-level specialists. It involves periodic meetings with every participant throughout a period of usually 3 months.

The process assists the employee in identifying their own professional skills, defining employer selection criteria, writing a professional CV and a cover letter, preparing for the next job interview – to improve their chances for successful job change. The positive image of the employer is always a crucial component.