Is Digital Marketing scary? Not at all with the right Interim Manager on board!

• October 27, 2022 •

When talking to Jakub Lewandowski, a Digital Marketing expert and an experienced Interim Manager, we regretted to end up with five questions only.

Why did you decide on the formula of interim management as the perfect career step? Your area of competence is desired, when it comes to permanent placement.

I started my digital marketing journey at the age of 17 with a series of agency assistant roles, what gave me the insight of what ground I am stepping into. Once I was sure this is exactly the competence area I wish to develop, I started to build my career more consciously. I moved smoothly from one company to the other, from smaller structures to those strongly developed. My skills were appreciated and awarded. I remember the day, when at the age of 30 I was standing at the Warsaw’s, so called, Mordor and trying to answer myself a question: Is this my path? Do I still fit in the digital space created by younger generation? How to best use my broad experience, without joining the client’s structure on permanent basis? It was when a solution came to me, of how to keep my mind fresh and spurred to action – I took on my first Interim Management placement and very soon I noticed hitting the jackpot. With Interim Management being often wrongly associated with temporary ad-hoc service, I can only comment by saying: an Interim Manager is a Guide & a Difference Maker!

Digital marketing strategy sets a course, but many companies still tend to operate without it, although this results in a lack of clear development goals. How do you see the importance of your competencies in building a company’s competitive advantage?

The truth should not be feared: those who high-fived digital marketing, when Covid hit us all, are in many cases, not raising their hand now. Marketers talk a lot about new trends or those upheld, but when it comes to digital marketing any prognosis is fairy. Data-driven marketing, influencer marketing, personal branding, employee advocacy are on the list of what companies / brands need to focus on in the nearest future. However, they will not succeed until they put scenario based strategies over linear ones. My skills and experience at the level of multiple structures can tip the balance towards success of managing changes.

What was the biggest challenge within your last Interim Management placement?

One of the most valuable bonuses, which the company gets with inviting an Interim Manager on board, is that of getting a keen observer on board. Once I see what is around the corner, the biggest challenge is to reconcile management’s expectations with my know how and deliver the success. It is crucial for the company’s management to understand my threefold role of an advisor, mentor and filter.

To what extent have the tasks facing digital marketing experts changed over the past years - have any new challenges emerged?

With over fifteen years of professional experience I know, there are two sub-groups in the digital marketing community. Those, who work on permanent basis directly for the client, focus on business, while not fully delving into the ins and outs of media. The others, representing the agency – are media experts, with not enough sense of the flavors of doing business. The Digital Marketing Interim Manager needs to have the skill to be able to combine both worlds. Nowadays, even more, than in the past.

Having done your part, are you following up on the future of the company for which you have been a real support?

Always. I would say, that after the task is completed, I step into relationship nurturing stage😊. What is very encouraging and is a proof that I chose my path well, is that I am been reached to for advice and opinion after completing my task. It is always so uplifting to see the company grow, after I have been invited for support down the road.

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