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The goal of Nuvadis Interim is to support companies, organizations and institutions in attracting the best Interim Managers for time-limited projects and missions.

We combine the best practices of Interim Management with years of experience in the selection and recruitment of proven managers, within projects implemented for our clients in the markets of Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.


An Interim Manager proves to be extremely helpful in temporary situations, crisis situations and when there is a need to introduce and manage changes that occur in the organization. These changes may concern a specific department, a designated position or the entire structure of the company.

When the client does not have the internal resources or knowledge and experience necessary to achieve the desired result, the Interim Manager or a team of Interim Managers takes over the task. In addition, he can train his successors and transfer competencies to them, along with a work plan ready for implementation.

You may need an Interim Manager in a number of business cases.
However, the most common are:

Global expansion, new business, market or product development.

Process improvement, restructuring and business recovery.

As a gap manager covering for illness, maternity or the time it takes to recruit a permanent staff replacement.


When your permanent resource is simply unable to cope with workload or time constraints.

As a supplement to fast growth, whilst your infrastructure is built to manage the ongoing workload.

As a coach or mentor for a member of your team.

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Interim Management assignment process



The Interim Manager, Nuvadis Interim project supervisor and the client make an initial assessment of the business situation behind the Interim Manager’s involvement.



Upon acceptance of the preliminary assessment by the Client, the Interim Manager performs a detailed analysis of the situation. The Interim Manager formulates a concrete action plan, confirms the principles of cooperation and recommends the tools necessary to achieve the Client’s goals.



The Interim Manager implements the actions agreed with the Client. In addition, during the course of the project and in order to ensure its proper progress, a supervisor from NUVADIS Interim conducts regular, usually monthly, checks on the status of the order with both the Client and the Interim Manager.



Once the goals set jointly with the Client have been achieved, the Interim Manager finalizes the project, taking care to properly transfer competencies, responsibilities and necessary knowledge to designated successors.



If necessary or upon the Client’s interest and with the consent of all parties, the Interim Manager may extend the provision of his services or even continue to work for the Client on a permanent basis.

Why choose Nuvadis?

There are many potential benefits of implementing an Interim Management solution with our help as a specialized service provider.

Best available candidates

Consistently building relationships with top-notch Interim Managers, updating their status and monitoring the level of satisfaction of the clients for whom they implement projects enables us to recommend the best candidates in the market.

Proven competences

The Interim Managers we recommend are people whose credentials have been checked and whose competence has been confirmed by the success of completed projects.

Efficiency and quality

We regularly expand our own network of Interim Managers, so we are able to identify and deploy the right Interim Manager in one to four days.

We work on the basis of a proprietary certification process designed to select and motivate only those with the right skills, attitude, experience and potential for success in the Interim Manager position.

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