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Nuvadis Interim strives to establish & activate a market for companies in need of Executive Interim Solutions and well-qualified independent professionals. We integrate the best Interim Management Practices with experience in selecting and placing highly skilled managers for our clients in the CEE markets.

When to use an Interim Manager?

Interim Managers may be brought in at a time of change for an organisation. These changes can take place in a department, function or the whole company. When the company does not have the necessary knowledge and experience for a desired outcome, an interim executive or team can perform the task, train the successors and hand in the operation with a working plan to a permanent team.

You may need an Interim Manager in a number of business cases.
However, the most common are:

Global expansion, new business, market or product development.

Process improvement, restructuring and business recovery.

As a gap manager covering for illness, maternity or the time it takes to recruit a permanent staff replacement.


When your permanent resource is simply unable to cope with workload or time constraints.

As a supplement to fast growth, whilst your infrastructure is built to manage the ongoing workload.

As a coach or mentor for a member of your team.

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Interim Management assignment process


Initial contact

The Interim Manager, Nuvadis and the Client make the first preliminary assessment of the business situation and confirm an engagement.


Situation assessment

The Interim Manager makes a detailed investigation into the current situation.



The Interim Manager proposes a specific plan of actions, confirms rules of engagement, describes the tools needed to address the client objectives.



The Interim Manager takes his role and implements the actions as agreed with the client.



When the project or assignment terminates and objectives are met the Interim Manager will exit. He will make sure the process is smooth, responsibilities and know-how are duly transferred. When required, he may offer additional ad-hoc consultancy support.

Why choose Nuvadis?

There are many potential benefits of implementing an Interim Management solution with our help as a specialized service provider.

Experience, values
and relationships

We have considerable history providing interim solutions to our clients in the CEE. Our Interim Managers work on challenging turnaround programs, new technology projects implementation and act as effective replacements for critical permanent positions. At Nuvadis we value the relationships we build, both with the Interim Managers and our Clients, which allows for true partnerships.

Speed accessing
an insider market

Interim Managers do not invest into advertising and marketing themselves in order to be seen, instead relying on networking and word of mouth to find their next project. Nuvadis is continuously building a community of certified experts, enabling us to find and place an appropriate Interim Manager operational within one to four weeks.

Quality of the process
and guarantees

Nuvadis has developed a proprietary evaluation procedure to select and motivate only those individuals with the relevant skills and personal mind-set, experience and potential. Before recommending a manager for a specific assignment, we always carry out a personal interview, testing and references check.

In case an unexpected situation arises, Nuvadis is there with a fast and efficient backup solution.