Self motivation had never been an issue for me!

What apleasure of speaking to an Interim Manager, as experienced as Krzysztof Lobert.

Since 2005, you have been walking the professional path set by interim projects. What made you choose this option for building your career?

My strong need is to...

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Is Digital Marketing scary? Not at all with the right Interim Manager on board!

When talking to Jakub Lewandowski, aDigital Marketing expert and an experienced Interim Manager, we regretted to end up with five questions only.

Why did you decide on the formula of interim management as the perfect career step? Your area of...

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Is there a place for an Interim Manager in the world of snacks?

Our guest couldn’t imagine adifferent staffing decision, when he planned his expansion into digital world. Maciej Tomaszewski, CEO of aleader in the salty snacks segment, had shared his thoughts with us.

What challenge, within the operation of the...

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