Nuvadis Interim & EPUNTO Interim Management joining forces!

• 17 kwietnia 2023 •

“EPUNTO Interim Management™ and Nuvadis Interim™ join forces to serve their clients in Spain and Poland”

Both companies will provide coverage to Spanish and Polish companies for their Interim management needs from their headquarters in Madrid and Warsaw. Once again, Interim Management is proving to be a powerful tool for promoting and executing projects at an international level, which may be complemented by additional recruitment services to cover permanent placement needs.

Nuvadis Interim™ and EPUNTO Interim Management™ (Global Manager Spain) are part of Globalise™, the largest international network of companies specialized in “transition management”. This is the nexus of union and origin of the relationship between these two companies, leaders in their specialty in Spain and Poland.

According to the latest data published in January 2023 by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), Poland received nearly €3.7 billion in investments from foreign markets, €200 million more than in 2022. For its part, ICEX, which reports to the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, endorses in its “Economic and Trade Report. Poland 2022” the data presented by the PAIH, highlighting that Spain is the fifth country, in terms of investment levels, in Poland, being this the eighth trading partner of Spain with accumulated trade flows of over 12,000 M€.

The mutual interest in strengthening trade relations between the two countries is evident. The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, established a formal agreement to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries at the “XIV Spanish-Polish Summit” held in July 2022.

Based on this clearly upward trend and the business synergies between both companies, the managers of EPUNTO Interim Management™, Emilio del Prado and Nuvadis Interim™, Michał Jakubowski, have established a collaboration pact and defined a cross-border working procedure to support Spanish and Polish companies with interests in both countries. As entrepreneurs linked to export or internationalization processes know, having the right person and professional teams to execute their projects in foreign markets is decisive to achieve their goals.

For more information: Nuvadis Interim | Michał Jakubowski | +48 882 436 452

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