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Interim Management is about delivering effective business solutions. To be an interim professional is a privileged position, which offers an unparalleled opportunity to drive through change and make a real difference.

Interim Management services are based on tripartite relationship between the client, Nuvadis and an independent professional – the Interim Manager.
Based on the analysis of the clients’ needs, we look up the suitable and available Interim Manager as the solution. We contract on one side the Interim Manager, with whom we sign an executive mandate, which empowers to act in his role for the client. On the other side we contract the client.

When working as an Interim Manager it is important to establish a position as an outside supplier of professional services, rather than being considered as an employee.

Interim Managers typical profile

Interim Manager
  • Strong track record of delivering results in their career that shows progression through roles of increasing responsibility.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to operate in highly uncertain circumstances, learn quickly and develop relationships.
  • Outstanding communication skills to deliver the right messages to the business partners, integrate in the teams, engage workforce and handle leadership situations.
  • Continuous improvement attitude for a strong drive for excellence.
  • Very strong project and change management competencies
  • Outcomes focused
  • Strategic thinking, but effective executionally
  • In good personal, material and financial standing

The selection process

Not every successful manager acting in the corporate world will be a successful Interim Manager. And not all consultants who were successful in large consulting companies will be automatically successful as a freelancers. That is why we have our own specific selection process based on testing and thorough reference checking of potential Interim Managers.

The selection process of interim professionals consists of:

  1. Behavioral interview with a Nuvadis consultant
  2. Reference checking
  3. Case study solving, if needed
  4. Psychological evaluation, if applicable and requested by the client

During the interview with Nuvadis, Interim Managers are informed about practical ways of cooperation on potential projects, with specific clients. Our consultants monitor regularly their availability and new project working experience and inform about new open assignments.

Successful candidate is then listed to internal Nuvadis pool of Interim Managers and will be actively promoted among our clients.

By working with Nuvadis you will be provided with:

  1. Interesting projects
  2. On-time payments
  3. Interesting alternative to a full-time employment contract
  4. Certification for better selling options
  5. Opportunities for further professional development

Our aim is to take individual care of each member of the Interim Managers’ pool cooperating with Nuvadis Interim and provide them with assignments complying with their interests and availability. However, we do not guarantee continuous co-operation with back-to-back assignments.

What is needed from a practical perspective?

  1. Setting up a company
    It is common practice for Interim Managers to operate via their own company which is preferred when working with Nuvadis Interim. Setting up a company is a relatively simple operation, but again individuals are advised to seek the advice of suitably qualified professionals to assist with this process.
  2. Professional indemnity insurance
    Interim Managers should have appropriate professional indemnity (PI) insurance in place to cover any claims arising from negligence, professional misconduct or health and safety infringements. Nuvadis insists that all of its Interim Managers have appropriate PI insurance cover as a safeguard for all parties involved in this type of contract. There are many insurance companies and brokers that offer this type of coverage. The level of PI insurance should be appropriate for the level of risk attached to the assignments.
  3. Contracts
    The Interim Manager’s limited company contracts with Nuvadis Interim – thereby minimising your risk. Nuvadis Interim then has a back-to-back contract with the client.
  4. Timesheets
    Timesheets and invoices are submitted monthly. The precise dates for submission and payments are detailed on the pay schedule, which is sent to each Interim Manager on assignment. To process any payment we will need both a timesheet and an invoice.


What does “Interim Management” mean?

Interim Management means that experienced and qualified managers take control over defined managerial tasks. They do their job temporarily, in order to meet pre-agreed objectives within business or non-profit organizations.

What is the difference between an Interim Manager and a Consultant?

An Interim Manager takes control over the discretionary power to participate in operational work, decides and enforces changes, manages the team. His main domain is the implementation of change and often transfers of knowledge. He also takes a responsibility for the pre-defined risks.
A consultant focuses on the analysis, planning and recommendations of solutions supporting the existing management team to make decisions and implement changes. His responsibility is limited and defined according to provided services and tasks.

How does the contractual relationship of an Interim Manager and client work?

The contractual relationship can be direct or indirect. Direct contractual relationship is concluded between client and Interim Manager. Indirect contractual relationship is based on the contract that the provider concludes with the client and Interim Manager separately.

Why don’t Interim Managers work in permanent positions?

Being an Interim Manager is a certain form of a mission and life philosophy. These managers love new challenges. This is why they accept hard and time-limited tasks. They want to manage their time and to have a possibility to choose. They love the freedom of choosing projects that suit them.

Who are Interim Managers?

Interim Managers are experienced, skilled and practice-oriented managers with proven experience with various companies and organizations. Ninety percent of them work as freelancers, are self-employed or have their own companies. They have chosen this dynamic life-style. They are motivated to change things; they are flexible and open to accept new challenges and opportunities as well as associated risks.

Do you work internationally?

Yes, Nuvadis is active internationally, via our own network in the CEE region and through our cooperating partners in other countries. It is important for interim managers to be flexible and mobile. Their assignments often include international projects.

I have no experience as an Interim Manager yet. Can I still apply?

In general, we give priority to experienced interim managers. However, your area of expertise and your past experiences may be of a high demand in the market, making you an interesting candidate for our clients. If you think this is your case, please contact our consultants and we will be happy to meet and provide you with our advice.

How to present myself?

An Interim Manager should be an independent professional who creates their own network of contacts and cooperates with other Interim Management providers, uses social media and other tools for creating their brand.

What is important for clients and providers?

For both, clients and providers, it is very important to have a relevant professional profile of the candidate for the Interim Manager’s position. It is your knowledge, experiences and competences in a specific field. Furthermore, it is your interest in the project and your time flexibility to start working on the project as soon as possible.

How will I be remunerated?

If the Interim Manager works on a project for a client, they are not paid by client but by Nuvadis (because they have a contract with Nuvadis as a provider). Nuvadis usually works with 20-day maturity; it means that you receive payment for the past month around 20-days into the next month. Specific cases may vary, depending on agreed terms and conditions.

How can I find an Interim Management project?

If you work alone, getting a new project is up to you. In case you use the service of the provider, you will be contacted directly with a specific offer that is suitable for you.

What should my contract cover?

The agreement concluded with the mediator (provider) should define your rights and obligations, the beginning and end of the project, the amount of your reward and other specific objectives and milestones of the project.

What are my liabilities and risks?

Management and decision-making powers are part of Interim Manager’s job. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the responsibilities that the Interim Manager has. Because of managerial activities, he usually takes decisions on property or financial matters of the company he works for. Generally, the manager is responsible for his actions under the applicable law. Limitations of this responsibility can be solved by a contract. Appropriate type of insurance can be contracted to reduce risks.

Does Nuvadis provide permanent job solutions?

Nuvadis is a specialised Interim Management service company. We work exclusively on interim positions. We are however a subsidiary of Accord Group, a leading executive search firm in the Central Eastern European region, which provides recruitment services for permanent jobs.

How are contractual issues solved?

We help our clients and Interim Managers set and agree the terms of cooperation. As it is a tripartite contractual relationship, Nuvadis consultant will prepare a contract for both, the client (company) and the Interim Manager.

Do you provide assistance during the interview process?

Yes, we offer our assistance in the candidate interview and evaluation process. We provide support and counselling for clients and Interim Managers throughout the whole interim management process.

Whom do I invoice?

There are several business cooperation models. The most typical however, is where Interim Manager invoices Nuvadis, who is in direct contractual agreement with a client.

How long should I wait before I get my first assignment?

Nuvadis cannot guarantee a steady flow of projects to each cooperating Interim Manager, as certain professions and positions are less in demand. There are many cases where assignments are confirmed within just a few days, others may take months, depending on your skill set and actual project demand in your field. Clients often expect Interim Managers to be available within 1-2 weeks.

Can I still be looking for a permanent position?

You should make clear choices for your professional career. It is a conscious choice to be an Interim Manager, which influences your development, life style, social and business relationships. It is an excellent and highly rewarding path… though not for all. We highly recommend you make a careful but firm choice about Interim Management and follow it persistently.

What is the normal length of an assignment?

The average length of an assignment is 7 months. Shorter assignments usually last 3 months, standard projects take approximately 6 to 9 months and long projects around 12 months or more.

How do I setup my daily rate?

You will be asked for a clear indication of your daily rate. Please consider the salary levels for your position and experience level, look for indications from interim managers associations in your country and consult us in case of any doubts. We will provide advice on how realistic your expectations are. Most of the Interim Managers set up their rate as a range. The reward of Interim Managers depends on several factors; e.g. level of experience and seniority, project complexity, area or industry, the usual price in the particular sector and client’s location.

What kind of documents do I need to work with Nuvadis?

You have to pass through an initial interview and fill out the Interim Manager profile via our website. You also need a trade/service license and professional liability insurance.

Do I need an Interim Managers’ certificate? How can I get it?

Certification is not necessary, but it can be an advantage – similar to other professions, such as coaching, mentoring or consulting. In Poland it can be obtained via the Interim Managers Association (SIM)


If you are looking for answers to other questions, write to us.

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